About DERGEL Media

DERGEL Media is a part of the DERGEL Group of Companies (which include DERGEL Executive Search).

Since 2012, DERGEL Media has worked hard to render the world of human capital management at the executive level less opaque, and more friendly to all.

DERGEL Media is focused on publishing reports about executive hiring, and providing other actionable data to its customers to help them make sound long-term decisions about their personnel strategies.

The reports we publish are read by hundreds of thousands of individuals across thousands of organizations and in almost every country worldwide.

Our Services

MOVES Reports

DERGEL Media publishes CxO Moves, a series of reports which capture almost 100% of executive-level personnel changes in major markets across the world. Our reports are available in a variety of different versions, to suit the needs of corporate and individual clients in every industry.

MOVES Reports

DERGEL Media publishes a series of reports called CxO MOVES. MOVES reports have been published on a weekly basis since 2012, and focus on highlighting all major Chief “X” Officer movements within the United States, Canada, and select foreign markets on a regular basis for subscribers.

HCM/CRM Data Pipeline

DERGEL Media began offering data curation and reporting services to a select list of its clientele in 2019. This service allows our clients to receive a warm introduction to potential change-makers without increasing their workload, thanks to effective integrations (via our API) with the tools they already know and use.

Our Editorial Commitment & Values


We will always obtain our information from reputable sources, and refer to these in our publications. When we curate content for re-sharing, we will do so in a context-aware manner.


We will never shy away from publishing corrections to erroneous information we may have shared, and will respond to any and all customers service inquiries or complaints punctually and completely.


On an ongoing basis, we will always make our best effort to comply with all accessibility best-practices. In addition, we will endeavor to make our archival data and reports available in open-source formats for any projects of societal or educational value.


We are cognizant that our organization could not exist without the immense trust placed in us over many years by our community of engaged subscribers, who share Moves and other executive report info with us regularly. We promise to respect our clients’ online privacy.

Receiving Our Reports

Report Topics

All of the reports we publish are separated by topic, which equate to the various executive roles that we research. At the moment, this includes CFOs, CEOs, CHROs, COOs, CROs, CMOs, CIOs, and will include Board Directors later in 2021.

Subscription Plans

We offer different subscription plans to our reports, which help us tailor the content we deliver to specific segments of our subscribers who have different information needs. Basic access will always be free, and we have free or paid options available for enhanced access based on a subscriber’s use case (e.g.: corporate or personal).

Our Platform

Although we have published MOVES and many of our other reports since 2012, we only transitioned to a dedicated publishing platform in 2020. On the DERGEL Media App, users can manage their subscriptions, and view reports from anywhere they have internet access. Additionally, reports are delivered to select users directly via email each week.

Signup Process

The sign-up process for DERGEL Media Reports is a simple one. Our subscription platform is available separately from this website (use the links on this page to access it). Most accounts are managed directly by users, although corporate-managed/paid accounts are also available.

Subscription Options

Most DERGEL Media subscribers are individual subscribers, and can access our reports in either a basic, free format (summaries only), or pay a small monthly or annual amount for access to full reports and data. All topics and access plans are available for individual subscribers. For more information about subscribing, see our ‘Subscriptions’ page.

Corporate subscription packages are available for organizations who have a group of users requiring access to DERGEL Media’s platform. Benefits of corporate subscriptions include consolidated billing, discounted access fees, single-sign-on, and custom format data export options. For more information about corporate subscriptions, see our ‘Corporate Subscriptions’ landing page.

We offer free access to DERGEL Media reports to eligible members of the executive community who apply to receive community ‘status’ with us.

We consider all C-level executives to be eligible – whether they are a current executive, or between jobs.

Other benefits of DERGEL Media Community Membership include access to exclusive peer group sessions, curated discussion rooms, and early access to CxO Search Reports.

Executives who are in positions corresponding to one of the CxO positions for which we publish a MOVES report (CFO, CHRO, CEO, COO, CMO, CRO and CIO) can apply for status from our website.

You can apply to our Community membership by filling out a simple form – please see our “Community” page.

From Our Blog: DERGEL Sessions

DERGEL Sessions NewsletterIn addition to our reports (both free and paid versions), we also publish a 100% free "report", called DERGEL Sessions, which includes both written and video interviews with industry leaders in every vertical. Subscribe today to receive a personalized copy. You can unsubscribe at any time, and will receive a maximum of two (2) emails per month.