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About DERGEL MediaOur mission is to re-emphasize the importance of personal relationships and community-building as a core value for today's business executives.

DERGEL Media creates and curates communities of executives, providing them with information that propels their career forward.

Through our various publications and reports, we also provide valuable intelligence to organizations whose success depends on having a thorough understanding of the executive talent marketplace.

DERGEL Media is focused on the core principles of increasing accessibility and transparency in the human capital industry; and accomplishing this through the use of software we develop, and the implementation of “old-school” networking techniques at scale.


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Our Services

Reports (Moves & More)

We have published our Moves newsletters, tracking executive movement globally, for over 13 years. Our newsletter is available to the public for free, and full access to Moves data is available with a subscription.

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Enterprise CRM-Ready Data

We provide medium and enterprise organizations with individualized and programmatic access to CRM-ready datasets containing valuable insights about the human capital marketplace in North America.

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Executive Community Curation

Our “flagship” service offering has been recognized by thousands of CEO’s, CFO’s, CHRO’s and other executives from around the world as being ‘instrumental to career-building success’.

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How to Subscribe to Our Reports

Our publications are made on a proprietary platform which we developed throughout the course of a year; you can access it at (more info below).

DERGEL Media’s interactive subscription platform is available at

      • If you received Moves prior to October 1, 2020, then you already have a DERGEL Media account. Use the reset password functionality if you cannot remember your password.
      • Otherwise, you must create an account on our application.
      • Once you are logged into your account, subscribing is simple: follow the prompts after clicking “Subscribe” in the site’s header navigation bar, and select the publication and access tier of your choice:
        • e.g.: Access to CFO Moves at the ‘Subscriber Pro’ tier.

Please note that eligible executives can apply to our “Community Tier” for free access to our reports. 

Core ReportsWe publish many different reports, but our most popular ones, "core reports", are a set of fixed subject-matter reports which are shared on a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) basis with our subscribers, all year long.

Our Commitment to Excellence & Improvement


We will always obtain our information from reputable sources, and refer to these in our publications. When we curate content for re-sharing, we will do so in a context-aware manner.


We will never shy away from publishing corrections to erroneous information we may have shared, and will respond to any and all customers service inquiries or complaints punctually and completely.


On an ongoing basis, we will always make our best effort to comply with all accessibility best-practices. In addition, we will endeavor to make our archival data and reports available in open-source formats for any projects of societal or educational value.


We are cognizant that our organization could not exist without the immense trust placed in us over many years by our community of engaged subscribers, who share Moves and other executive report info with us regularly. We promise to respect our clients’ online privacy.

What Subscription Tier is Right for You?

We provide C-level executives with complimentary access to the full gamut of our Executive Moves reports, as we have for over 13 years. If you are an eligible C-level executive (full eligibility criteria applies, per our Terms of Service), please click here to request access to our platform for free: Request Access to Executive Tier Status

We have developed subscription plans and pricing models which are best suited to multi-user or domain-based access to our reports. We are proud to have established personal relationships, and individualized offerings for hundreds of institutional CxO Moves clients – and the process to request more information and/or signup is easy: Click here.

We recognize the importance of having timely and reliable data about the trends in executive hiring, and are therefore committed to making all of our data and analysis in Moves (and select other reports) available to the public, in both free and paid versions.