About DERGEL Media

DERGEL Media was founded in 2019, as a subsidiary of Dergel Executive Search Inc.

DERGEL Media was built on the viral success of several publications commenced by its parent organization in 2011, the most notable of which being CFO Moves. Today, the publications, reports, and market insight consultancy services provided by DERGEL Media are accessed hundreds of thousands of times monthly, and have concretized the business case for community-building in the executive personnel landscape.

The insights which we deliver to our customers are designed to help them build more meaningful new relationships with their executive peers or clients, and strengthen existing ones by providing curated opportunities for interaction between members of the executive recruitment industry and executives themselves.

We are the executive intelligence company.

About Our Reports Service

Reports are the highest-volume service offering from DERGEL Media.

We publish a variety of reports, including but not limited to:
  • Moves Reports (our flagship service)
  • Search Reports

Each of these reports are published weekly, 50 weeks per year. They are published in “sub-reports”, based on the executive role which they cover:

  • CFO (dedicated Canada / USA versions)
  • CHRO
  • CEO
  • COO
  • CMO
  • CRO
  • Others (CTO, CIO)


History of DERGEL Media Reports (Moves, Search Report & More)
    • Longevity: We began publishing our Moves and Search Report publications in 2011. We continue to publish these (Moves being the flagship publication) today, as well as other reports.
    • Transition to a subscription model: In 2020, we transitioned our service from a free newsletter to a subscription-based information/data platform. You can read more about this transition on our blog.

CRM-Ready Data

Any CRM is only as good as the data it contains.

We make CRM-ready data available to our customers, including information about executives, executive moves, and history of personnel changes at a particular organization.
  • All executive roles covered by our data

This service offering can be highly customized to meet each of our clients’ particular strategic objectives and/or CRM technical requirements.

  • Automated delivery of data
  • Schedule can be customized
  • Type of data and format can be customized
  • Cost-effective, and can eliminate virtually 100% of tedious data-entry tasks


Onboarding Process:
    • Schedule a Discovery Call with one of our customer service team members, who can qualify your use-case and determine which kind of data would be most suitable to your organization’s requirements
    • Technical information exchange, to test automatic delivery of data
    • Agreement concluded and service begins

Organizations can begin to receive CRM-ready data in less than one week after their initial discovery call with us. Use the form below (or email us) to request more information.

Schedule A Consultation (click here).

Pioneering Video for Executives

We recognize that video interviews are not new, but we believe that the executive personnel recruitment industry, as well as executives themselves, are “glossed over” by content creators as potential audiences for ‘fireside chats’, and other formats of insight-gathering interviews.

One of DERGEL Media’s major areas of focus in 2021 is video production, and our objective is to convert 100% or more of our existing print/digital subscribers, into regular viewers of our “Executive Conversations” video series.

Topics of interest:

  • What does it take to land your first C-level role?
  • How can CFO’s benefit from building community in their company, or participating in executive peer groups?
  • How can recruiters improve the recruitment process for executive candidates?
  • Keeping employees happy during C-19: Perspectives from different executives
  • Addressing challenges with Work From Home, Distributed Workforce, and other economic effects C-level executives are facing because of C-19