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We provide members of the C-level community with access to an exclusive tier of Moves service, where we publish carefully curated content provided at no charge to them. We ask that you request to join if your present professional role, or immediate preceding one, coincided with one of the positions for which we publish a regular Moves newsletter (CFO Moves, CEO Moves, etc.). If you qualify, please complete our form, provided below, and we will gladly move you into our community tier service offering upon review. 


Request for Community Status - Moves Newsletters

This form should be used by Dergel Media community members who wish to qualify for inclusion into an industry leadership group comprised of C-level executives (CEO, CFO, CHRO, CMO, CRO, CIO, COO, etc.) curated by Dergel Media. The community privilege includes free access to Dergel Media publications and analysis.
  • Please select the community which best represents the primary industry vertical pertinent to your current or immediately preceding employment position.
    If your professional role involves direct oversight into one or more of the industry verticals we enumerated above (for example, a CFO with COO responsibilities), you can join additional communities we curate. We'll reach out to you by email or telephone to confirm your interest and eligibility.
  • Please provide us with your first and last name.
  • Please ensure you have entered the same email account we have on file for you (the one you receive our Moves newsletters at).
  • We won't call you, except to confirm your intention to join a secondary community (if you selected the "Yes" option above). We may invite you from time to time, to join leaders' circle tele-conference calls.
  • Please provide us with your LinkedIn profile URL. We use this to confirm that you are an excellent fit for our communities, and to help us share relevant content with you on LinkedIn.
  • Please state the company at which you work.
    Please select the option which most accurately reflects your current situation.
  • Please state your current role briefly.