Announcement on 12/17/2020 – Grandfathered Subscription Period Ending in 2021

Our Announcement on the End of the Grandfathered Subscription Period – December 17, 2020

This announcement was sent to all Dergel Media Moves subscribers on December 17, 2020.



Dear Subscribers,

We are very glad to have had you onboard with us as a DERGEL Media customer throughout our transition process to the new Moves platform. We hope that you are getting even more value out of Moves now than ever before, and we are writing you today to make an important announcement about changes to our service which will help us add even more value to subscribers like you in the near term.

Since you were a Moves subscriber for at least 30 days before we transitioned to our new platform in October of 2020, we provided you with a 60-day “grandfathering” period during which you were able to continue accessing the full version of Moves for free. Moving forward, the Moves service will no longer be free to access (although there will be a “free” tier with more limited content). You can learn more about each of our subscription levels, by clicking here: (please note that we are performing maintenance on our site and updating our plan descriptions on Saturday, December 19).

If you have already upgraded to a paid tier of Moves, thank you. You may disregard the rest of this announcement. We have decided to circulate it to our entire community for the purposes of keeping everyone informed, but we recognize this may result in some users unaffected by this change to receive an irrelevant notification.

Furthermore, if you are a community member (C-Level Executive), and are already a member of our executive community tier, please disregard the rest of this announcement.

If you are a C-Level Executive and are NOT yet a member of our executive community tier, please fill out our intake and verification form at .

Beginning on January 1, 2021, your account will no longer give you any access to Moves – unless you take action to upgrade to Subscriber or Subscriber Pro levels. If you upgrade before December 31 at 11:59PM EST, we will apply a one-time 5$ credit to your account – in addition, you will benefit from the 2020 price, which will increase nominally in 2021. To upgrade, please login to your account on and, once logged in, proceed to clicking ‘SUBSCRIBE’ in the top-left of your browser window. Following the prompts, you can select the newsletter and tiers which interest you. A “free” tier of access will also be made available to users, but you will have to proactively subscribe to this tier – your ‘grandfathered’ account will not automatically convert into a free-tier account.

Customers interested in multiple newsletters may make exceptional requests for volume pricing by email to our customer service address. We will be offering automatic multi-product discounts in Q2 of 2021. Corporate plans are also available for domain-based access (e.g.:

Further information on the upgrade process, including a tutorial page, and instructions for users who wish to upgrade after Jan 1 (when they will otherwise be automatically unsubscribed from Moves) will be provided in the weeks to come.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Thank You! Happy holidays.

The DERGEL Media Team & Samuel Dergel

**The 5$ one-time discount will be applied in the primary currency of your account, and will be applied on the 3rd billing date for your account in 2021, or earlier at our sole discretion. The one-time discount is not applicable if its application would result in your account posting a negative balance. If you transact with us in a currency other than USD or CAD, we will apply your credit in USD equivalents. Offer may not be combined with other promotions or discounts, and is subject to change at any time at DERGEL Media’s discretion.