Dergel Media Reports (Moves and More)

Thank you for clicking through to our Moves page to view the subscription plans we have made available. We have now updated our subscription information for DERGEL MEDIA reports with 2021 pricing, valid through the end of Q2-2021. Please note that discounts may therefore appear when adding/amending your subscription on through 12/31, since our price changes will only take effect on 01/01/2021. Pursuant to our terms of service, pricing may change at any time, without notice (except as provided for in our Terms to existing customers).  

Our Report Pricing Model, Explained.

Dergel Media publishes a number of reports. Broadly, we have categorized them as follows:

  • CxO Moves (the weekly report of executive moves that we have published for 10+ years)
  • CxO Search Report (the report highlighting ongoing searches for executive personnel for global medium-to-large enterprise organizations)
  • Community Exclusive Reports (the members of our Community tiers, who must themselves be executives [C-level] to be eligible participants, receive exclusive reports with information about upcoming mergers, acquisitions, executives of interest, and more, to keep them ahead of the curve in their respective industries)
  • Surveys, Peer Groups, Etc. (Occasionally, we reach out to segments of our subscribers from other reports to invite them to receive an exclusive report for a short period of time, and provide feedback on that content which we use to compile statistical information to share in our main reports)

Our CxO Moves publication is accessible to the public, but our CxO Search Report, Community Exclusive and Surveys/Peer Group Reports are only available to individuals who have requested and received ‘community’ status from Dergel Media.  In Q4 of 2020, Dergel Media announced a transition to a paid subscription model for the majority of its publications, after 10+ years of publishing them free of charge. Community members will continue to receive all of our publications free of charge. They must apply to become community members (

You can read more about our transition to a paid subscription model in 2020 here: Transition to the new Moves Platform by Dergel Media The majority (75%+) of our subscribers are not community members (they are not CFO’s, CEO’s, etc.), and we have developed the following service plans for them to access our services. Please note that Search Report will not be transitioning to the new model of service until March 1, 2021. Current Search Report subscribers will be advised independently by email of the transition scheme in advance of any changes to their subscription.



Our Subscriber plan is perfect for individuals with a professional interest in the executive personnel industry who operate independently and only require summaries of market information to assist them in their day-to-day work tasks. Includes:
  • Weekly Email update – summary of all Moves for that report period, and click-through to site to view all Moves
  • Does not include Unlimited access to archives (content older than 6 months is moved to archives)
$7.50/month for US Moves Reports and CAD for Canadian Moves Reports.  

Subscriber Pro

  • Weekly Email update – summary of all Moves for that report period, and click-through to site to view all Moves, plus full details on the most important Moves included in email body
  • Unlimited access to archives
$10/month for US Moves Reports and CAD for Canadian Moves Reports.

CFO Community

For CFOs and other Senior Finance Executives, see to apply for status;


  • Weekly Email update
  • Unlimited access to archives
  • Exclusive community tier content

No charge – upon acceptance to our CFO Community

How to Subscribe:

NOTE: Community Members are manually subscribed by the Dergel Media team if their application is approved. Do not follow these steps if you are a community member.

  • If you received Moves by email prior to October 1, 2020, you very likely have an account with us. Go to and click ‘login’ in the top-right of your screen. Use the ‘forgot password’ functionality if you do not know or forgot your password.
  • If you did not receive Moves by email prior to October 1, 2020 (e.g.: you are new to Dergel Media or you only visited our Moves site online) you likely do not have an account. Please create one on
  • Once you are logged into your account (contact support if you have issues), please click on “Subscribe” in the top-left of your screen (button is in the header navigation bar, including on mobile devices)
  • Here, you must select the Moves vertical you wish to subscribe to: for example, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, and so on.
    • Afterwards, you are prompted to choose the tier of service you wish to subscribe to for that particular vertical (listed above, Subscriber, Subscriber Pro)
    • You are redirected to a payment page to complete the transaction




Additional Important Information

  • Multi-subscription discounts will begin being offered in Q2 of 2021. In the meantime, if you wish to receive multi-subscription discounts for 3 or more subscriptions (i.e.: CFO, CEO, and CHRO) please contact our customer service team. We will forward you our tariffs, and apply a manual discount to your account.

Corporate Subscriptions

We are currently servicing a number of organizations with CRM-READY data for automated imports. Our corporate access agreements also include domain-based access billed on a metered or per-seat basis (i.e.: all users can access our service). For more information, please contact our Customer Service Team!