Our partners


Consultants in Software Development Risk and SaaS Business Management
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
KWORLD STANDARD Corporation used DERGEL Media's services to connect with CFO's of Canadian SaaS companies, and grow the footprint their brand footprint.

Digital Dash Development, Inc

Business Technology Project Management
Calgary, Alberta
Digital Dash's incoming CFO recognized the value that DERGEL's MOVES Reports were delivering to professionals in the industry, and approached us to develop a simple single-sign-on based approach to implementing corporate subscriptions. Today, corporate subscriptions to MOVES are delivered through this same open-source approach.

Interested in working with us?

Whether you are a data provider, oran organization interested in receiving bulk MOVES data programatically (through our API) or a prospective partner interested in integrating with our application, please contact us to discuss how MOVES can add value to you. 

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