Services with Tabs

Executive Conversations is a series pioneered by DERGEL Media in 2020, to bridge the physical gap between our community members – who normally congregate for coffees, lunches and leadership seminars – by conducting in-depth interviews about their role, and trends in executive hiring as the workforce adjusts to new economic and societal norms.

Peer Group Surveys are a surefire way for us to present the most up-to-date, relevant and exclusive insights to our executive communities, highlighting everything that is going on in the executive personnel space, and predicting trends in C-level roles’ responsibilities before they emerge.

CxO Search Report is a publication that builds on CxO Moves Reports – providing in-depth analysis of executive moves, and specifically identifying organizations with active search mandates, prospective candidates for top executive roles, and trends in the executive placement industry.

CxO Reports are DERGEL Media’s flagship publication, established in 2010.