Executive Conversations

The year 2020 was one for the history books. Like many businesses, DERGEL Media had to adapt quickly to stay at the top of its game. 

Instead of the usual in-person conversations, leadership luncheons, and executive search seminars which we normally attended to maintain healthy levels of interaction between ourselves and the rest of our industry, we had to create a new format and medium for this kind of relationship-building, online.

As a result, the “Executive Conversations” series was born in early 2020. The premise of this DERGEL Media ‘report’ is simple: video interviews with prominent executives from around the world, shared with our audience, “Spark Notes” style; we compile short but informative analyses and key takeaway statements are included along with full video of our interviews.

Our focus in these conversations is to ask our interviewees about the competencies which they believe are essential to performing well in their role (as an executive). The insights we can glean in this area are in line with our overall mission: helping executives, and the folks who work with them, co-exist in a friendly ecosystem, thanks to a strong sense of community.

We have not yet rolled out the full gamut of content that has been prepared for this new report we launched only a year ago, in 2020. Please come back to this page to learn more about this new report, and upcoming publication dates, in the near future.

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