MOVES Reports

DERGEL Media has published CxO Moves Reports since 2010. The CxO Moves reports highlight executive Moves happening globally – with a specific focus on large North American corporations. Our reports are published weekly, and subscription is required to access them. Subscribers receive email reports each week including the content of the reports.

We currently publish CFO Moves, CFO Moves Canada, CEO Moves, COO Moves, CHRO Moves, CRO Moves, and CMO Moves. We are actively expanding the scope of our publications to include Board Moves, CTO Moves and CIO Moves in the future.

MOVES Report Contents

CxO Moves Reports provide subscribers with the following information:

  • Matrix of all organizations who participated in, or were implicated in, an executive move for the week corresponding to the report (which are published weekly)
  • Includes name, short bio, of the executives implicated in a move
  • Contains information about the move, including company departing from/going to, as well as effective date

Subscription Information

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CxO MOVES Reports is a subscription-based publication from DERGEL Media, which is available in several versions, which are priced differently. The most basic versions of the reports are free, while full versions of the reports are available in basic, premium or community tiers. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

Corporate customers can benefit from customized plans, including unlimited seats or metered (based on usage) billing. Annual prepayment of a subscriptions is available for all customers, and results in savings of 2 months’ fees (annual access for the price of 10 months). Please view this page for more information on how to sign up.

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I first subscribed to Moves and Search Report in 2015 – who would have known that the community I joined back then would have led to my joining Dergel Media as an editor and contributor years later…! I am now a firm believer that community building for professionals is vital, and Samuel Dergel and his team do it right.

Matthew Bolenn
Data Scientist, Axion Technologies, Inc.

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