Peer Group Reports

Peer Group Reports are surveys conducted by DERGEL Media, of its community at-large, to examine certain trends in the executive personnel marketplace.

Since 2011, we have been diving deep into the data that our subscribers provide us with in these surveys to deliver more value to our subscribers, who use this information to adjust sales strategies, make hiring decisions, or determine the kind of training their executive teams should engage in.

We currently publish Peer Group Reports for CEO’s, CFO’s, CHRO’s, COO’s, and will soon be launching Peer Group Reports for CMO’s, CRO’s, CTO’s and CIO’s.

How Peer Group Reports Are Published... And How to Participate

Currently, Peer Group Reports is only available to members who are part of our DERGEL Media “Community Tiers” (i.e.: MOVES Subscribers who are eligible for “community” status).

However, we are planning to extend the possibility of subscribing to Peer Group Reports to our general membership in Q3 of 2021.

Participants of our Peer Group Reports surveys are selected using random sampling techniques from our database of community members. We invite community members who are interested in sharing insights or qualitative/quantitative data with us about their industry or area of expertise to do so through our “Executive Conversations” contributor program (find out more at

Are you an executive? You may be eligible for our community tier.

Executives (CEO, CFO, etc.) are invited to join our “MOVES Community Tier”, which is a subscription plan to Moves exclusive to executives. Other perks include Community status across DERGEL Media’s platform – which grants access to Peer Group Surveys, Search Report, and other insider information.