CxO Search Report

CxO Search Reports are a follow up to CxO Moves Reports, which have been providing information on executive hires, retires and fires since September 2011.

Many C-level executives subscribe to MOVES Reports to be aware of market movements and career opportunities. CFO Search Report provides eligible Execs with more information on the career opportunities identified in MOVES.

We currently publish Search Report for all executive roles covered by our MOVES publication; CFO, CEO, CHRO, COO, CMO, CRO. We are actively expanding the scope and depth of our coverage area.

How Search Report Works

Search Report is for executives :

  • CxO Search Reports are only available to qualified executives, who are asked to provide information about themselves, so DERGEL Media can verify their eligibility to gain access to the reports
  • CxO Search Reports are made possible by our community, who diligently provides us with source information, and is therefore provided for free to subscribers
  • Upon application (see information below), prospective subscribers of Search Report will hear back from DERGEL Media about their eligibility verification within 72 hours

Application Information

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I first subscribed to Moves and Search Report in 2015 – who would have known that the community I joined back then would have led to my joining Dergel Media as an editor and contributor years later…! I am now a firm believer that community building for professionals is vital, and Samuel Dergel and his team do it right.

Matthew Bolenn
Data Scientist, Axion Technologies, Inc.

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